One bedroom natural loft

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One bedroom natural loft

Each one of the two One-bedroom Natural Loft is roomy (675 sq. ft  / 75 m2) is equipped with a full kitchen with regular size fridge, a terrace, a king size bed in the loft space and a separate bedroom with two single beds which can make another matrimonial bed. Each bedroom has its own entry into a complete bathroom with hot and cold water. Each bed has an orthopedic mattress and is equipped with no see-ums mosquito nettings. Each bed is equipped with a ceiling fan and there is another fan in the living room and another fan in the terrace. The One-bedroom Loft was designed for one couple without children or with one or two children. It can lodge 4 adults (2 couples or one couple and 2 singles) very comfortably too. In one of these unit it is possible to add one single bed or a baby bed in the separtae bedroom.

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