The surrounding area of the resort is beautiful, very peaceful.

There is a small beach of Old Point made of very fine sand in front of the bungalows which can be narrow depending on the tides; please note that nearby, at less than 8 minutes down the same beach, there is a wide and very attractive long stretch of beach next to the Villa that you can enjoy freely ; this is next to our villa, La Residencia Natural, where we offer our water front lofts and our WIFI hot spot. This part of the beach is really paradisiac with NOBOBY! The beaches of Old Point are great to stroll or lay racket ball or just hang out, there is very few people out here. Find your perfect private sun bathing spot in paradise! Swimming in the lagoon in front of Al Natural Resort is so nice and always safe. At the end of the pier, there are a very practical and comfortable stairs to reach the water.


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Also, you can kayak and snorkel the reefs just in front of your bungalow by using the sit-on kayaks and the snorkel equipment of the resort. Corals are also accessible by swimming from the beach. Also, you can discover by yourself the nearby mangrove rivers and the Indian village of Salt Creek by kayak. Standup paddle boarding in the lagoon is very fun and easy.



Many animals can be spotted near the cabins and in the nature trails of the resort and  those in the vicinity, such as night monkeys, white face monkeys, Jesus Chris lizards, sloth, caimans as well as many birds. The nature trails allow you to get to the other side of the points, on the open sea side, where there are other beaches wilder and more exposed to the waves of the Caribbean Sea.




Our new two-story restaurant offers on the ground floor, in addition to the bar and the dining room, a corner to play and a sitting area, and on the second level a great game-room with board games, this place is great place for yoga lover too. Also, we have a beach recreative building with our dive shop, the Zapatillas Dive Center, which offers a ping-pong table used as much by our guests than by our local crew, which generate great encounters. We have true champions in our team!


The dock and its hammocks is the perfect place to unwind and watch the sunset.