“Beach Bliss!”

OOOOO Reviewed 20 October 2013

Al Natural, what can we say! We had the most amazing, amazing holiday and can’t thank you enough!

The resort is a little paradise! The beaches, literally right outside your balcony, are crystal clear and beautifully warm. The cabins are all open-air, made of beautiful natural wood and kitted out with hammocks and balconies so you can soak up the sun, and ocean views from there. At night, you can hear the ocean and see the stars from bed! There’s so much to do, from walks, to kayaking, snorkeling, diving, boat trips and all-out relaxing. The resort has such a nice feel and Abner and Vincent will make sure you feel comfortable straight away. We were so sad to leave them! As soon as you arrive, everything is taken care of. They’ll organize the boat to take you there, then all your meals, kayaks and snorkeling gear are there whenever you need them. It’s all designed to be family-style and very, very relaxing. You can do what you want, whenever you want. The resort is teeming with wildlife…sloths, monkeys, butterflies and some truly incredible reefs and caves for snorkeling. There’s also glowing plankton at night, it’s hard to explain how amazing that is! The food was so fresh and delicious and the communal table means the resort has a really homey, warm and familiar feel. It really is a home away from home! We were only there three days but it felt like much more, in a really, really good way. We rarely say this, but we’re definitely coming back!

Room Tip: They’re all good. All right on the water.

Bella A
New York

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” This was possibly the best stay we have ever had anywhere, but Al Natural is not an air-conditioned five star hotel in a carefully controlled compound and therefore it might not suit everyone. The resort is run by real people, who have real personalities, on quite a remote island in Central America. “

By JulianandElena posted on Trip Advisor on April 7, 2019

” One of the most special places that we have ever stayed at. we spent two weeks on a family vacation with a baby in Panama, and the three nights that we stayed here where the highlights. “

By ylevdoc posted on Trip Advisor on Feb 10, 2019

” Not only the amazing chef was super friendly with us; all the stuff at Al Natural Resort was courteous and super nice. They will make you feel very welcome in this paradise, almost like home (or even better). ..You should visit Al Natural Resort if you are looking for a peaceful, naturalistic place full of good vibes! “

By Kimjoyserden posted on Trip Advisor on May 2, 2019