Al Natural Resort offers to the professional leaders of yoga retreats and of any workshop groups a very well organized and well adapted settings in the caribbean archipelago of Bocas del Toro, Panama; this is a unique and unforgettable place to organise a truly peacefull yoga vacation. This is the place to conduct a yoga retreat completely in harmony with nature, a perfect place for yoga lovers: all is about relaxation and quietness around here.

Among all the bungalows of Al Natural Resort, we can comfortably lodge 20 to 25 persons. In addition we have available the three apartments at the villa La Residencia Natural described at VILLA. Also we have two stunning beach houses, the Casa Natural and the La Casa Sol y La Luna located within the resort. Everybody can be together for all the meals at Al Natural Resort and all can enjoy all the services of Al Natural Resort.

There is an open room with panoramic views to the jungle and the water above the large dining room or our two-story restaurant where yoga classes can be conducted. This is a great place which can accommodate at least 15 persons and the yoga teacher (the space is 18’x29′). The room is equipped with sound and is also perfect to have meetings or conduct dance classes or exercise workshops. We also have another space at the beach, the open deck in front of our beach recreational building, great place for morning exercises (the space is 24’x28′).

The yoga retreat can be combined with surfing, diving, outdoor activities, and/or all the tours and excursions offered at Al Natural. The services to be provided are all a la carte, just indicate to us what you want to do, for how many people and we will design your package.

The place is open to all group leaders who want to conduct any group workshop such us dance, salsa, excercise workshops; this is great meeting place where conferences or seminaries can be conducted. The open room above the restaurant makes a great meeting room where all activities can be conducted. During the low season (May to November), great discount are available for group leaders who want to conduct retreats and group workshops at our location.

We had the pleasure to host many yoga retreats, including :

Al Natural Resort was the site where Katelin Sisson and Heather Lilleston have successfully organized the yoga retreat JIVAMUKTI, THE JUNGLE WAY at the beginning of 2013.

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Yoga retreat at Al Natural

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    ” They have cool snorkeling right there in front of your cabana, and a dive boat if you are into Scuba. “

    By Scott S posted on Trip Advisor on May 2, 2019

    ” Every detail of this resort makes it the perfect place to relax. … There is plenty to do from hiking, walking, water sports, or just relaxing in a hammock to the sound of the waves. “

    By Marlene B posted on Trip Advisor on May 23, 2019